Volvo 240 DL

    Great car. We bought the car in 1991, before the birth of our wonderful daughter. We thought it was safe and square. It was also a beautiful shade of golden bronze . . . like sand. And it had a rich, sumptious cloth interior in a chocolate tone . . . like mud.

  It has a clock, speedometer and a radio. Roll up windows too. It does have heated seats, a lighted trunk, and 4-wheel disk binders. As an added option, it has the very stylish 1990 style wheel covers.

  We bought it with about 42,000 miles. About 238,477 now. It will have that for a while as the odo is broken. I think it has about a quarter mil now based on about 0.015 million a year. I'll have to manually keep track now as I am shooting for 300K.

  I first noticed it when my beautiful wife was driving this Volvo behind me at night. At a stop light, I noticed about four inches of water sloshing about in one of the headlights. Turns out water got in but couldn't get out. I drilled a little hole in the bottom of the light so they could drain. Maybe the water or maybe the age (but probably the cheap design) caused them to yellow worse than the walls of a state institution before the smoking ban. I finally got some new ones for $85 a side.. New Lamps

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