Porsche 911

    The first time I rode in a 911, I couldn't believe a car could go that fast on the roads we drove (I wasn't driving)! It steers nicely (no power steering) and is very fast. Even after 12 years, there are no rattles or squeaks. Shifting through the five-speed tranny is a little tricky or just demands more skill than I have.

Given Porsche's foray into the mainstream market with their new Cayenne SUV, you may be interested in some of the spy shots I got of some of their latest design concepts. Check them Here!

  This is the only fast car we have. All the other cars are heavy, slow and practical (except one, maybe). Its nice to have a car able to go fast. My brother says to drive a Porsche you "floor it and hang on!" Porsche

  The aggressive nose of the Porsche 911 has been with it for more than 30 years. 1974 saw the advent of "safety bumpers" to meet the stricter US five mph impact regulations. Critics thought Porsche's implementation of higher and bulkier bumpers did not take away from the classic line. Personally, I think they look great.

  Note the classic 911 dashboard. Five VDO instruments displaying nine gauges, three of them devoted to care and monitoring of the 911's lifeblood - Mobile 1. No gauge usefully visible except the 6,250 RPM redline tachometer, a number all to easy to exceed.

  The classic six cylinder Porsche boxer engine. Air cooled with an 11-blade fan. DME controlled ignition and fuel injection. Spring center (not rubber) clutch and hydraulic, pressure fed chain tensioners. Bruce Anderson (the defacto Porsche expert calls it "Bulletproof" (I think - pick up his latest - Porsche 911 Performance Handbook).

  Here's the 911 at work at an autocross. Once I finished an autocross tail first - too much brake entering the chicane - rear end comes around 180 degrees - backed through the timing lights.. Porsche 911 Targa

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