Ford F150

  Ford Logo The Black Claw. Bought in 1991 before the Volvo, but after the cat. Holds on well with its 4x4 traction. Is great for hauling stuff around like rocks, lumber and groceries.

  It takes us to the beach. As long as the air is out of the tires, it gets along fine. It is also great in the snow - I've now forgotten how to drive a regular car in the slick. Note the great canvas top. Here it is "up," protecting all of our great beach stuff. The top is from Safari Tops (800 -762-4106).

  Topless The mile o'meter showed 44,367.6 when we drove the claw from Maryland. Whopping 178,400 as you view. Full XLT package with speed and steering control. Four wheel drive and a small V-8. Clock died as did speed control. Had lots of tranny problems - lucky we extended the 60,000 mile warranty!! Even so, the Ford dealers weren't too helpful. New heater core, front rotors, calipers, pads, rear shoes and drums, all by your's truly. Has an aviation rated three point retractor seatbelt in the center for my daughter.

  Note the 15" painted black wheels. I painted them because I thought the stock silver (with chrome trim rings) looked hokey. They've since been replaced with some 5-bolt 16" steel wheels and 235/85 x 16 tires (see the picture below). If you've looked at all our autos, by now you probably think I have a wheel fetish. Well I do Truck Wheel

  Pickup Today Here's the truck in 2001. 178,000 plus miles. Its getting a bit warn, but its nice that all pieces are going out at once. For example, the engine oil pressure is down (after some local autoshop hacked up a repair), there is rust in the drivers door and around the rear wheel wells, the big red ford reflective thing came off the tailgate, and the AC is just about to give out (though its still pretty cold).

Note the jack holding up the rear end. The rear springs are still in good shape and I like to keep them that way. The dump closed before I could get there with this load. Therefore, I'll keep it on the jack so the weight doesn't flatten the springs.

  Finally out to pasture. This old truck has been a great friend. It took us to the beach, yanked out a bunch of sand newbies, moved us twice, accomodated rearward and forward facing car seats, drove me and my daughter back and forth to work and school for over ten years, pulled us through countless snows, and moved tons of brush. Its never let us down, though it had some interesting troubles through its life. It was finally killed by a local car shop (R&M). Thanks to it and its patience. It'll still get used off the road - as long as it doesn't have to run more than 10 minutes at a time! Out to Pasture

  Pickup on its way to its Next Home A milestone day for the old F150 - and a banner day for its new owner? Here, my lucky colleague enters the world of Ford, leaving, once and for all, the frustration of GM ownership. He's pretty excited about his new purchase . . . so much so he chose to trailer it home rather than put anymore miles on it. Remember friend - Built Ford Tough!

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