Other Dump Trucks

    Here are some other dump trucks that I looked at during my search during November 2008 through May 2009.

  Here is an old Ford F500 dump truck. Pretty cool. Hadn't run for a couple of years. Bad tires, rusted bed. No battery. Been off the road for a five or six years. Guy wouldn't budge off of $1500. Said hydraulics were good, but couldn't tell and had to trailer it. Pass. Old Ford F500

  International 1700 This is an International 1700 Loadstar. I like this model and all Internationals. My dad had Interationals, so I like them. This one looks good in this picture, but this was after we got it out of the woods. Funny how a vehicle looks better when its on the road vs. in the weeds. Gas engine that ran OK after coaxing it to start with gas down its throat and a bus battery. Guy wanted $1800 and went to $1500. Off the road for a few years and a lot of work before inspection. Doors almost fell off when opened. Lots of holes in the bed. Cool truck, but Pass.

  Here's another International, this time a 1957 S170. I liked this one and was very close. Guy wanted $3000 and told me he may take $2800. Everything worked. Gas engine. Located in Pennsylvania. Not inspected and off the road for a few years. Big dent in the back of the cab, but no real issues and vintage. Right size. Maybe I shouldn't have let this one go. Old International

  International Mason This was a perfect truck, but was on eBay from an amazingly suspect seller. This was a 1990 International with a diesel. It said 7.3 liter (like in my pickup). However, I didn't think they put those engines in these trucks. Also, had a mason dump bed, with drop down sides so it could be used as a flat bed. But the VIN was invalid and the seller never clarified. Also, seller never engaged in questions about the truck. Anyway, sold for $2900. Pass.

  This one came from nearby. Its a Ford. In good shape. Guy wanted $2500. Only issue was that it had been off the road for three years and weak brakes. Also, it was way too long to get around my place easily. Pass. Long Ford

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