Jaguar XJ-6

  Jaguar Logo My wife and I always liked the design - feline like. Last of the Lyons designed Jaguars. Purchased in 1990 with all records included. It brought our daughter home from the hospital after her birth. She calls it the Big Cat. Westminster Blue with biscuit Connelly hides. And now, to make room in the garage for other machines, the Big Cat Sold on December 19, 1997.

  Everything was original. It was pretty slow from a start due to the three very tall gears and lots of ballast - built for comfort, not speed. Once it was moving along, it passed with the best of them!

  A beautiful boatail rear section. This basic set of lines is what distinguishes Jaguar sedan design. These lines have been apparent since the 50's in sedans like the MK 1 and MK 2. Recent commuter pods have copied but not duplicated the elegance of these lines

  Similarly, the front section of the Jaguar XJ-6 exudes felinicity. The hooded headlights and their flow into the sculpted hood presents a sensuous and fluid form to the atmosphere, a design that steals not just glances from onlookers, but long stares of admiration and awe.

  XJ-6 Interrior Note the rich Connolly leather hides and the quirkey British dials and such. We bought the car with 36,500 miles. Had 57,000 when it SOLD (after eight years). It had lots of English stuff - two gas tanks, dial gauges, funny interior lights, and one electric seat that goes up and down.

  The 4.2 litre 6 cylinder was introduced in the late 1940's. This venable design, double overhead cam, aluminum head, cast block, British design has lived in such classics as the XK120, 140, and 150, the D-type and E-Type, and the Mk 1 and 2 sedans. Jaguar Power Plant

  XJ-6 Series III Rear View The car had new Pirelli rubber all around - sharp claws!! Standard cast wheels . . . and believe it or not, this car is SOLD.

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