What is it - a Golf-Cart, a Garden-Cart, or a Gnarly-Cart?  You decide.  But in any case, the G-Cart is Gronk.

  The ParCar as it started.  Fully equipped for all-weather (except snow, ice, and sub-zero temperatures).  The plexi-glass windshield blocks frosty or superheated air blasts.  The side curtains (shown in the rolled up position) block wayward golf balls and salt spray.  Its electrically propelled, reducing the overall noise level substantially.  Never runs out of fuel, though replacement batteries are like buying a new cart.

  Note the tractor with the wart-hog slaying bush-hog on the back.  Also notice the fresh paint of the "C----" trailer.  In stock trim, the ParCar has no means of pulling the "C----" around.

Original Golf Cart

  Following Transformation Following the transformation completed on April 13, 2003.  Ready for work away from the links and close to home.  The flatbed is constructed of green wood (not fresh, just green from some copper chemical).  It also uses a custom fabbed steel frame to support the rear of the bed.  The entire bed will come off by loosening and removing four bolts, giving ready access to a day on the course.

  Another shot post modification of the Conversion Cart.  I trust the customization will improve the little unit's versatility about the acres.  Note the jaunty rake of the bed, which makes the machine look way faster than the 36volt electrical mill can actually deliver.  The observant viewer will note that "C----" is now successfully in-tow. The Conversion Cart

  With a Payload and New Shoes A little later following the conversion, this time doing real work.  Note the heavy payload of garden supplements, along with a few extra cheap planter buckets, that will become permanent payload.  Also, that same observant view will note the chunky skins on the wheels.  No more slipping in wet grass.  In fact, these shoes give so much grip, I had to sand down the brake shoes to keep the locking wheels from dragging up feet of sod. 

  Doing duty as a Mobile Chemical Application Platform (MOCAP). My wife refers to it as the Toxicator.  As the G-Cart is e-powered, I can hook the MOCAP supply pump across two of the 6V power cells to deliver the requisite 12V energy. Toxicator

  Crop Duster Substitution Here is the G-Cart performing MOCAP duties again.  This time, its substituting for my crop duster that's in the shop.  Its a little slower this way, but a bit more accurate and economic. 

  What flexibility!  I borrowed this from my brother to make quick work of the excess grass crop, made possible by the accurate and economic application of liquid fertilizer.. Grass Catching

  Loaded the Way I Like It When I use it, this is how I like it - chain saw, weedeater, and bolt cutters. Also, I keep some air should we go underwater or in a subterranian cave that has been sealed from the atmosphere for millions of years. Boltcutters will be useful then in case there are any chained gates. 

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