Ford F250

  Ford Logo The latest addition to the repetoire (Sep 2002). This white one replaces the Black Claw. Its a great truck, having all the things the black claw (now) lacks - like a running motor, an emergency brake, cold ac, and working wheel bearings. It also has some things that the claw never had - like diesel, extended cab, and electric windows.

  Luckily, it has clearance lights. Its tough to compensate without having these, four wheel drive, regular eight foot bed and a diesel motor. We had the guy we bought it from swap the goofy OWL (Outline White Letters, I think) with regular black sidewalls. Also note, it doesn't have Jewel Look headlights - how could a self respecting compensator like me compensate properly with "Jewel Look" headlights and OWL tires? Truck with Lights

  Truck with Canvas Cap Here's the truck with the Safari Tops canvas cap. This cap came off of the old Black Claw, though because Ford has a pretty standard 8' bed, the cap fits fine. It's the same size and shape as a solid cap, but made of a folding, aluminum frame and canvas covering. It has four vinyl windows (one on each side). The rear flap zippers closed. The great thing about it is that it folds and is secured fully forward. This lets me use the open bed as I need it for buckets of stuff or walking around. Its great on trips for keeping the elements off luggage and is pretty stable at highway speeds. The bad things are that it is not very secure, heavy snow weighs it down, and the company that made it is now out of business. I guess other's didn't think it was as great as I do.

  Finally, I got new tires that work in the mud and snow. Plus, they went on stock steel wheels. Its nice to replace the wanna-be-semi-tractor aluminum wheels. I got the wheels from eBay. The guy sent each wheel to me with stamps glued to the hub - no boxes or anything!! New Stock Wheels and Tires

  Cooper Discoverer S/T Cooper Discoverer S/T 265R75x16, Load Range E (10 Ply). They are much better in the mud than the old General Grabber A/T.

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