2011 Honda CR-V

  After 14 years, the 1998 Volvo Wagon is wearing out. It needs a few thousand in updates (that's what they'd be called if it was a computer) to pass inspection. With that and the 1997 Miata in pretty rough shape, we decided we should have a newer car. We have looked at CRVs for a few years due to their all wheel drive, reliability, and hondassity. All wheel drive would be good in the snow so we can both leave (with one of us taking the F-250). So we started looking for CRVs. We decided on a 2009 - 2011, not liking the rear end of the 2012 nor the idea of buying a new car. After a month or so, we bought this one, a 2011 Blue SE with All Wheel Drive. You may ask if it is as exciting as the other members of our fleet. But why? Its a Honda.

  Click for a Larger Image This is it after we put about 30 miles bringing it home. It has a rack on top for adventure equipment.

  Here is the inside. It has an automatic transmission and a bunch of air bags. It also has floor mats that tell you where to put your feet - those Honda engineers think of everything. Click for a Larger Image

  Click for a Larger Image It fits into the garage pretty well. Maybe just a bit wider than the Volvo, a good bit higher, but lots shorter. It has the same kind of tail lights that go up the D-pillars. It has pretty cool wheels, so no need to change. And it doesn't leak

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