BMW 525i

  While not the newest of the fleet, it is the most recent acquired. Bought this for the price of a month of Daughter Servitude. I got a Patio, a clean shed, a painted porch, months worth of porch cobweb removal, firewood splitting and stacking, and general sense of overloarding. She got the car. Ford Logo

  Here's Otto with his new owner. We picked this up in July 2010 after singing a little song. Junior did all the negotiating and knocked off 17% of the sale price through some patient negotiating. The car is in great shape, with good tires and BBS like wheels. Its probably our nicest car. Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image Every car needs an owner who can take care of it. Junior girl gets the pleasure of handling a 3/8 socket wrench, learning that a 1/2 inch socket is identical to a 13mm. She is also lucky to have a cartridge type oil filter which she can lift out without laying under the car and acting like an oil drop cloth as the upside down filter glugs out all the oil in my hair.

  The radio in this car is so "1995." Has a little slot for a cassette tape- we think that was to back up the trip computer. Here we replace it with a New Audio Package that has a CD slot, two USB inputs, an iPod input and bluetooth speaker phone. Click for Larger Image

  Click for Larger Image Mechanical opportunities abound with this car. Here, we take the steering system down to bare metal to replace the Steering Lock Assembly.

  Shortly after acquisition. Junior goes out to roll the windows up to prevent rain from the approaching storm from moisturizing her interior. We weren't too worried about the Patio gettng wet. Click for Larger Image

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