We have recently moved from a major metropolitan area to a beautiful rural area in the United States. This area has small mountains and rolling hills, long, expansive views, and beautiful, piture book seasonal characters. Its nice to have less concrete and people who look us in the eye. We even see the same cars and people more than once. In a place like this, there are no strangers.

  This is our house. Built a couple of years ago according to our specs (except the ones we didn't know until we built it). It has big hallways. No 50'x30' bathroom ballrooms. We don't keep that clean. Can't when you're building a house, driving tractors and working on cars. Note the nice circle driveway in front. That was built by me with a bobcat - that was vacation. That's our dog - he likes sticks

  Winter The same view in the winter (see the other views of the Snow of 2002). The dog's in the picture as well, but was too low and cut off. If you look at the little dark mark at the very bottom center, that's the stick he is carrying. He likes sticks.

  The same view, now in the Spring (see the other views of the Spring 2002). Notice that this picture is true to form for the Spring as defined in the Facts section - Spring is when a tree is green, but you can still see the bones. Spring

  Summer The same view in the Summer. Not much different than Spring. Reason is that this was taken in late Summer - we had some rain by this time. We actually are having the dryest summer of antiquity - the water table is some large number of feet below normal. Thankfully, our well continues. To see some dryer spots, check out the Independence Day 2002 photos.

  Here's a view to the west, looking in the direction of the sunset. Down below, you can see the sunflower fields, now plowed under. You also look through the park, a nice stand of trees, bell towers and swings. You may note the woven wire fence that stands behind the ag fields. This fence keeps the goats out of the living space. Sunsets are beautiful from here.

  Check out the sunset. Its pretty cool. Its falling fairly far to the south as its the fall. In the summer, its way more over to the right, giving lots of extra light for late night mowing, plowing, dog chasing, tetherball, or japanese beetle gathering.

  A fine round garden, also looking to the west. In the middle is a garden tub. Holds water for big birds or others needing a bath. Easy to drain thus simplifying garden plant watering. There are some little boxwoods somewhere in there. There are also little gravel and brick paths that looked alien before all the plants grew up. Next summer I'll update the picture with growing plants.

See how there is another garden beyond this one? That's to put unique gardening stuff in because most people around here plant only spherical green globular plants. Soon, we'll have nothing but non-spherical-green-globular plants

  Here are some of the reasons this place is called "Outcrop Acres." These are the rocks sticking out of the ground in the park area. There are lots more around. The ones shown are the bigger ones. There are smaller ones two - coming out about six or eight inches. They raise havoc with the mowers and the bushhog if they are disguised by weeds. I know where most of them are now.

  Another view looking west, this time with the shed in the right hand. The shed is good. It holds tools, though some of them are overflowing already. The shed has lots of wood in its structure - probably more than necessary. The red star comes from another old barn. But since the star was cut from old wood by a crafts person first, it cost a lot. - but then they did do it and we just paid for it.

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