Spring 2002

  Spring 2002 - This is a iris, not a lilly. The green part looks like a daffodil which is usually come and gone by May. I have to look real hard to make sure I don't mow these beauty's over.

  Looking to the east at a retreating spring storm. We've had a lot of water in April and May this year. We have about 3" more than the average this year. However, according to the local inquirer, we are down about 9 inches in the water table..

  Looking west, we see the ag fields and a few of the domestic fields, i.e., the little gardens for little flowers and cute things. You may note the little shed featured elsewhere on the site. Also, you'll see the ag fields and their relationship to the CandN park.

  One of the most prolific, most despised springtime events - the birth of the Warthog. I try to kill these things by yanking them out by hand when young, with t hte Tractor when old, by chemical, by goat. They keep coming up. If you know what these are, contact me.

  The side of the house kind of dies away in the winter and comes back in the spring. Note the little green shoots coming out of the ground. The armillary shows what time of day and what epoc of the universe we're in. See it notes Coordinates Omega-Duece Ultra 8995.90-33 SP2002.

  If you look at some other pages, you'll see this same view without the clocks. These are mounted on a crooked pole for looks. Ag fields are first plowed, turning the winter rye over. Julia, the princess of the garden watches over the early growth.

  This thing is made of metal and holds little purple flowers. The flowers grow every year from nothing. If the wind doesn't blow down this thing, the flower keeps growing up the tower. I hope we can put some stakes into the ground to hold it down in the wind. I finally did this just the other day - used some spikes I bent in the vise.

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