Snow 2002

  The morning of January 19, 2002, we awoke to a nice snow storm. Weather professionals called for six to eight inches. After the hammering snowstorm, a tape measure showed four inches. House in the Snow - 2002

  Youngsters under the tree Looking down into the park and ag fields. Buster the Dog wrestles with at stick. The snow is still coming down, though it will only get to four inches. It was cold, so the snow was dry.

  Rigging the skiers behind the tow tractor. Note the landscape rake. The ropes attach to the rake, but not the tines. Rigging the Skiers

  Field Skiing A look at the ski tractor with skiers down. The tractor tows the skiers on boards and pans around the field. I try to go fast around corners and fling the hapless skiers to the outside. It was so fun, my wife needed to come out and join the fun. Can't do this with an SUV!

  Another winter view of the shed and the park area. See the summer time perspective of this view on the main outside view page. Shed in the Snow