Looking Around (Dec 2009)

  It snowed on December 5, 2009. So the next day, we shot some pics. You can compare these with the original shots of Original Shots of 2001 as well as the opposite end of the season spectrum of May 2009.

  Click to Enlarge Looking to the house from the east. Similar picture as you'll see in the garage in 2008. Note the driveway wall, made in 2008.

  Another picture similar to what you may see in the Looking Around of May 2009. This was about eight inches of snow. The rocks seem to hold thermal energy better than the less dense organic material surrounding, so they melt the snow faster. Vertical sides help too. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge Same pic as the four season shots located in the Original Shots of 2001.

  Here is the Medium Picket Fence under snow attack. The snow started heavy and wet, but seemed to dry up over the night. I expect the water drained out and will go down into the cracks in the incomplete Front Wall to crack it more.. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge Looking back to the Pergola and Round Garden. This also has a rock wall, but it is all dry laid so it is crack free.

  Close up of the Pergola and Round Garden. Looks like a snow tongue coming off the yard tub. You may also note the second headless statue, there appearing next to the second column from the left. Click to Enlarge

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