Looking Around (May 2009)

  There've been some changes since 2001, the last time we took a tour around the acres. Here it is, Spring 2009, eight years later. Lots of stuff has grown, paint has peeled, things have been built, and others worn in. Its been lots of fun, with lots more to do. Here are some views from now.

  Click to Enlarge This is a similar view to the four season views located on the Looking Around Outside page. Here you see my lovely bride beckoning me to hurry up. Note the little shed - it went up in 2001. The garage in 2008. The driveway wall in 2008.

  A view of the current state of the Driveway Relo after some grass grew and I moved some dirt. Still awaiting work on the front rock wall around the inner grass area. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge More of the driveway wall with grass growing. Also note the extra tall garage (builder's choice).

  Same view as I walk around the circle in front of the house. This is a Cherry Tree - I cut off the trunk that was growing to the right of the remaining one. Seems that many of our wild cherry trees have multi-trunks. Wonder if George W. chopped down just one on a multi-trunker and that's why he didn't get in trouble. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge At the apex of the circle. These are green plants that turn into flowers with white, yellow and purple flowers beyond.

  A view down towards the goat resort. Here Magic (the brown one) and Blanch (the invisible white one) lounge around all day and lick salt. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge From the goat view location above, this is the view I have when I turn left. That tree we are looking under is a arch tree. Note the new picket fence to the right of the house that matches the picket fence on the left.

  This is a glamour shot. See it has little white flowers in the foreground. Shows the driveway wall nicely. This wall allows a two lane circle driveway in the front to be level. Had to use the Earthforce EF3 to manage this problem.. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge Back to the front. This is the view looking down towards the shed and into the wooded park beyond.

  The Pergola and Round Garden. This has grown nicely when compared to early pictures in the earlier Looking Around Outside section. Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge A rear view of the Pergola and Round Garden. Here we are looking back into the shed and its wood park.

  More of the center garden. That cross shaped metal thing looks like a propeller. Its not. Its an Armiliariran (or something - Use the Google to figure this out). Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge A back view of the house. One day, we may add an addition (that's why its an addition, since its added). We have not made a deck or porch since we are awaiting surprise money.

  Another view of the house - this time from the right side, behind the shed. Note the unpainted fence. According to my lovely and loving wife, it paints better if the pressure treated green wood dries out a few years before painting (BTW, painting anything around here is her job). Click to Enlarge

  Click to Enlarge The shed. Here are stored the rock hog lawn mowers. The silver one in the middle has a blown engine. The green one to the left cuts good, but chews through belts. Probably since it runs at 2900rpm (idle) or 2901 (full tilt).

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