This is the inside. Pretty messy as we've only had two full years since moving in and five years since moving out. Therefore all the stuff boxed and reboxed over five years takes about six years to unbox.

  Here's my pad (or dungeon). This is where I have a bunch of cool stuff - like the 13" color television, the three or four old boxes filled with wire, panduit, punchdown tools, and the yellow dude. There's also a bunch of old lamps, a microwave oven, and a new window.

  This is part of the kitchen - there are some flowers on the table with a bunch of other things. Looks like a cake, some paper towels, some paper plates - must be picnic time. No doubt its sometime in the summer since the grass and leaves are green.

  Here's a piano - In one year, the little girl plays music on this better than I do after 35/42's of my life. We first got the piano about 15 years ago while in a busy metro area. It was a good distraction. Now, we pick out the good ole tunes and make serious jazz music. That's because, if you've ever heard serious jazz, you know there are no rules and you can play any note in any order and its considered art.

  Here's more of the pad. Note the computer - it is a Pentium 75 I found in a dumpster - Its my file server. Runs great. Also, note the 14" screen - Real bargain. I rarely sit at this machine - it does run my web server though.

Note most of my music is comprised of vinyl. Sounds much better than plastic. Its also 10:00pm.

  Sitting in the house before we put the privacy paper up. This is looking from the kitchen into the breakfast room. Not much other than wood. Me and junior taking a rest from all the wiring chores.



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