Gardening 2003

  Here are my favorites this year - Orange Yellow Roundolous Pointious Leavus.  They are sought after worldwide. Orange and Yellow Flowers

  Yellow Signflowers Here are the Signflowers of 2003.  They are a bit more under control than they had been in 2001.  See how they wrap around the armalary.  Since we can't figure out how to tell time with it, we use it to prop up flowers.

  Here are the famous yet rare Conus Purpoleios.  They become iridescent purple at night under bright light (such as a flash) and remain a dull indigo during the day.  Bees like to hover about, indicating that bees are not color blind. Purple Stemmies

  Daylillys at Night These are day lillys - two kinds.  One is the popular pink and orange variant.  The other is the yellow and white variant.  There are also little green Roman Candles at the bottom right.

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