Here is the result of some great garden work by other than me. You pay money from a company in January and they send you a stick. That goes in the ground. With lots of care and feeding, you get this - pretty amazing.

  Gardening is pretty fun. Lets you use lots of dirt tools. If there's enough space, we start with the plow on the tractor. Otherwise its the tiller (sigh). This is the start of the eating garden - this is how I learned - grinding up the soil, bringing out the toy trucks and tractors, compacting the soil with little pretend roads, building pretend valleys and streams with the garden hose, having the pretend river take away all that great soil. Yep, then its plowing time all over.

  Garden, schmarden. This year we grew a vegatable garden. It worked pretty well. Had e-fence around it until it came up well. We had potatoes that potatoe beattles ate entirely. We also had lots of cucumbers and some tough beans. As usual, I liked the snap peas the best of all. Our lettuce wasn't bitter either.

  Ahh the richness and humidity of spring. Here's the alien circle after the pathways and the yard tub were installed. The tiny boxwoods are located carefully around the edge. The little plants have taken root. Behold the electric fence around to keep the dogs from romping in the tub. Also drink in the richness of the freshly plowed and planted ag fields in the background.

  All spring gardens start with a wagon barely loaded with little plants that need to be planted. Honte that the warthogs are just filling out their summer reaches and the cedars are being eclipsed. The little dog is a lot bigger now and the grass is brown.

  Here is the front of the house with some roses - they went in because we had this dumb walk installed by a worthless garden store in town who told us that the round rocks would be as good as flat rocks. Well they aren't. The dumb garden store also made this stupid band of dirt because they are inept - so my wife put roses and other stuff in.

  Here's the alien circle at the heigth of growing season - one could have a much more private bath in the garden tub now. From the tiny nothings above to this monsterous, 12ft sunflowers.

Note the vegatable garden in the background - that's corn in the back and squash in the front. Beans and cucumbers have already come down.

  Yellow Sign- or Flock-Flowers Signflowers. These are yellow flowers with black centers. They usually grow with many, many others. In other words, they grown in bunches or flocks. Sometimes, they are called Flockflowers. When there are too many, they begin to fall down. They are very pretty.

  This is the back main garden in the fall. Its getting a bit bigger. Most of that dead stuff will grow again next spring. Then you won't be able to see that little concrete pelican.

This time the picture is to the right instead of the left. It really depends on your political persuasion as to which side you would be on if you were in congress. But for gardening it really doesn't matter. If the tines are controlled by a lever on the left hand handle of the tiller, you have to walk to the left of the tiller. If the tiller were creating an aisle of dirt, then you'd be a liberal if you used our tiller.

  Fall has set in heavily. Here is a look down at the ag fields. There won't be much calling for bell ringing until next spring.

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